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Drunk Russian harassing girl gets the KO

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Being drunk is not an excuse to cross the line with girl. Especially when her man is sitting next to her and he's a Russian. Wussup with that white T doe...

Hard Russian slap KO

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This slap was so hard it had the other dude busting matrix moves. Russians are so calm when they fight. You don't hear bunch of World Star from everyone. They KO like its business as usual.

King of Russian KOs: knocks out 4 guys back to back

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Somewhere in the land of Russia, there is a man who knocks out others with no mercy. He swings and people sleep. He is cold, cool and deadly with the left. And with the feet. Especially when you're already down. Watch...

Russian teen slams the shit out of dude

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Looks like a scene you'd see outside any high school hangout. Two dudes arguing and staring at each other. One dude takes off his chains cause shits about to go down. Then the homies screaming "davai," which is probab...

Sambo fighter wins ground fight from the bottom

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Two Russians duking it out from the ground in this street fight. Bottom guy in guard looks like he's going to get the shit beaten out of him at any minute until he busts out his triangle around top guy's neck. Then he...