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Head kick leaves tall guy doing the Captain Morgan

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Two dudes square off throwing them hands. Short, fat guy got a little more hands than the tall one and lands a right that connects clean. The head kick him while he's down tactic works well in this situation as he sen...

Mexican fight with some crazy moves

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I've never seen so many goofy moves land in a street fight before. Actually this would be better labeled as a dirt fight. The bigger Mexican really shouldn't be trying to get crazy with his flailing punches and feet g...

Mexican vs black kid bathroom school fight

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Let's see. Average black kid vs scrawny mexican kid throwing down at school. I wonder who's going to win.

Slam knock out: mexican vs black school fight

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What we got here is a fight between someone who is trained and someone who isn't. Mexican kid's got some wrestling chops and proves it quickly by going in, lifting the kid, and suplexing his head into the dirt for a q...