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Muay Thai vs Tae Kwon Do, Knockout

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Tae Kwon Do rarely gets much respect as an art that you can fuck shit up with. This guy does a pretty good job throughout the whole 30+ second fight. You can see Muay Thai gets headed and loses his cool. Its all about...

MMA vs The Force: Kiai master’s $5000 fight challenge

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An old Kiai master claiming to have a fight record of 200-0 puts up a challenge to any fighter. He will give $5000 to anyone who can beat him. In the prefight, the master displays his moves which looks like jedi skill...

MMA sparring match: loser gets revenge with a face kick

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What happens when two friends decide to have a friendly throwdown in their living room? A tapout and kick to the face is what.

MMA double knock out in LFC

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Watching these two guys throw down is like looking into a mirror and trying to kick your own ass. Double knock outs are pretty rare, especially in MMA fights where just about anything goes. But when you are pretty muc...

Mexican fight with some crazy moves

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I've never seen so many goofy moves land in a street fight before. Actually this would be better labeled as a dirt fight. The bigger Mexican really shouldn't be trying to get crazy with his flailing punches and feet g...

Big guy eats punches and gets dropped

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Kids, there's a lesson to be learned here. No matter how big you are, and how much you think those punches don't hurt, don't eat 'em. There's a magic button on your chin that can instantly put you to sleep. Especially...