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Drunk Russian harassing girl gets the KO

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Being drunk is not an excuse to cross the line with girl. Especially when her man is sitting next to her and he's a Russian. Wussup with that white T doe...

Muay Thai vs Tae Kwon Do, Knockout

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Tae Kwon Do rarely gets much respect as an art that you can fuck shit up with. This guy does a pretty good job throughout the whole 30+ second fight. You can see Muay Thai gets headed and loses his cool. Its all about...

Spin kick to the face on the streets

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You see spin kicks like this in movies, and they work when Jackie Chan is busting them. Rarely do they work in the streets, until somebody tried to step up to this dude.

Racist drunk gets a head kick knock out

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When you combine a racist, mass amounts of alcohol, and a sober man in a country full of soccer fans, you get the perfect kick to the head knock out. Boys, keep the drunk fights between other drunk dudes.

Knockout game gone wrong

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What you play the knockout game, you don't expect to be the one getting knocked out. Or maybe you do. Maybe when you play the knockout game, the night night is really up in the air and all participants are eligible fo...

Mom helps son in street fight with a head kick

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My mom has done a lot for me. But I don't know if she'd kick a dude in the head like this mom. I'll bet when she's doing her day to day thing, she's probably the baddest ass soccer mom in the world with a kick like that.

MMA sparring match: loser gets revenge with a face kick

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What happens when two friends decide to have a friendly throwdown in their living room? A tapout and kick to the face is what.

Head kick leaves tall guy doing the Captain Morgan

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Two dudes square off throwing them hands. Short, fat guy got a little more hands than the tall one and lands a right that connects clean. The head kick him while he's down tactic works well in this situation as he sen...