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Catfight on the streets with a rare knock out from a girl

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It's a squabble with loud ass girls causing a ruckus. Who really cares about what their saying. All you have to know is one of them gets laid out HARD.

Catfight KO: Girl slept in ghetto rear naked choke

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The revolution of MMA influencing shitty street fights is continuing to sweep the nation. We see the typical head-down cat slaps, but this quickly escalates by MMA watcher as she moves in for a rare, high school, catf...

Cat fight between two girls ends with knock out

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Two white girls arguing on the streets ends with one girl throwing a big overhand right. Girl took the full force of the knock out ending the cat fight faster than it started.

Knocked out and got his nuts stomped on

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This brings up a fascinating question. If it's wrong for guys to hit girls, is it wrong for girls to stomp on a dude's balls when he's KO'd? It's a tough one... The magic happens around the 50 sec mark. From the World...

Girl starts fight with boyfriend and gets knocked out

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Squabble breaks out between a girl and her boyfriend south of the border. The dude is trying to keep his cool and also being blocked by a worker as the girl. She keeps instigating the fight and trying to kick him in t...

Girl fight with knock out slam on the pavement

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Anything can happen when you doing yo shit on the streets. Like girl steps up to girl, and girls head steps up to the concrete. Slams happen all the time in the streets

Girl slamming girl and screaming like the hulk

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You see this girl powering up with all the ARGGHHHH's and shit and slams other girl. Then an all out brawl breaks out.

Girl man-fights and gets slammed over and over

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Would you say its gentlemanly to slam a girl instead of just throwing the hands at her? Somebody should ask this girl as she gets slammed all over the room by Dr Dreads.

Knockout game gone wrong

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What you play the knockout game, you don't expect to be the one getting knocked out. Or maybe you do. Maybe when you play the knockout game, the night night is really up in the air and all participants are eligible fo...