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Head kick leaves tall guy doing the Captain Morgan

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Two dudes square off throwing them hands. Short, fat guy got a little more hands than the tall one and lands a right that connects clean. The head kick him while he's down tactic works well in this situation as he sen...

MMA vs The Force: Kiai master’s $5000 fight challenge

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An old Kiai master claiming to have a fight record of 200-0 puts up a challenge to any fighter. He will give $5000 to anyone who can beat him. In the prefight, the master displays his moves which looks like jedi skill...

Mom helps son in street fight with a head kick

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My mom has done a lot for me. But I don't know if she'd kick a dude in the head like this mom. I'll bet when she's doing her day to day thing, she's probably the baddest ass soccer mom in the world with a kick like that.

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