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Paul vs tree: tree wins

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This was almost a one on one with people, but ends with a one vs tree. Trees stand their ground when it comes to a brawl.

cholo bully knocked out by passerby street fight

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An oldie from the mean streets of LA. Two guys ganging up on another don't act so tough when the homie steps up in this street fight. One of the bullies is a pussy and just stands around like he's not involved. The ot...

School fight: little guy knock out big guy with one punch

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Two kids square off and get ready to throw down in this school fight. They talk their trash, circle around and all that. Looks like the bigger guy thought they weren't done with the pre-fight shit talk. He never saw t...

Fight in the hood ends fast

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There's a bit of talking in going on until the dude in the beads get's down and does the damn thang. Cameraman shoulda got it after. I DO THIS SHIT!

Bat meets head

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Seems to be some old beef going on with these youngins that ends with a dude stepping up and going down with a bat to the head. It doesn't end there though.

Old man egging on two kids gets a kick in the face

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These two kids fighting in the street don't really look like they want to fight that badly. The old guy instigating seems to have something out for one of these kids. If you can get over him repeating his mantra of bu...

Another hood knockout

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Looks like the dude can't fight doing the pushy kicks and all that. Then KAPOW. Another day in the hood.

Asian street fight vs Black, head slam knock out

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An Asian guy and a Black guy square off in a fair fight with the homies on both sides making sure the others don't jump in and shit don't get out of hand. The two start off with rabbit punches from their pillow hands ...

Bum keeps asking for change gets knocked out in street fight

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Bum keeps knocking on the window of a driver trying to get some change. He knocks and knocks until the driver comes out to get his fight on. They square off and driver knocks him out out with a falcon punch to the fac...

MMA vs The Force: Kiai master’s $5000 fight challenge

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An old Kiai master claiming to have a fight record of 200-0 puts up a challenge to any fighter. He will give $5000 to anyone who can beat him. In the prefight, the master displays his moves which looks like jedi skill...

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