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Sambo fighter wins ground fight from the bottom

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Two Russians duking it out from the ground in this street fight. Bottom guy in guard looks like he's going to get the shit beaten out of him at any minute until he busts out his triangle around top guy's neck. Then he...

Slam knock out: mexican vs black school fight

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What we got here is a fight between someone who is trained and someone who isn't. Mexican kid's got some wrestling chops and proves it quickly by going in, lifting the kid, and suplexing his head into the dirt for a q...

School fight: little guy knock out big guy with one punch

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Two kids square off and get ready to throw down in this school fight. They talk their trash, circle around and all that. Looks like the bigger guy thought they weren't done with the pre-fight shit talk. He never saw t...

Paul vs tree: tree wins

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This was almost a one on one with people, but ends with a one vs tree. Trees stand their ground when it comes to a brawl.

Girl slamming girl and screaming like the hulk

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You see this girl powering up with all the ARGGHHHH's and shit and slams other girl. Then an all out brawl breaks out.

Skater knocks out 3 cholos, one looks dead

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I don't know what this guy is so pissed about but it must have given him super powers. He just keeps attacking these cholos that don't really want to fight. Wait until 1:03 for the "OH SHIT" moment

Kid uses dudes head as a drill into concrete

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Some kid from some foreign country drops another kid's head into the concrete like he drilling for oil. He not even taking it seriously.

Bat meets head

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Seems to be some old beef going on with these youngins that ends with a dude stepping up and going down with a bat to the head. It doesn't end there though.

Hood fight: drunk OG starting shit gets knock out by kid

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Bunch of dudes just chilling on the street watching in the hood with this drunk OG being a drunk OG. First guy is just having a good time with him as most people would do with an old dude so drunk he can barely stand....

Girl starts fight with boyfriend and gets knocked out

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Squabble breaks out between a girl and her boyfriend south of the border. The dude is trying to keep his cool and also being blocked by a worker as the girl. She keeps instigating the fight and trying to kick him in t...

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